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The New Coronavirus and Medicinal and Culinary Herbs with Nutraceutical Properties

Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.
Hippocrates (460–377 BC)

Coronavirus and medicinal herbs

Scientific research has revealed that there are a quantity of medicinal and culinary herbs available to everyone that in laboratory in vitro tests have shown to have nutraceutical properties against New Coronavirus or anti CoVID-19.

Scientific research performed by this website revealed that there are medicinal and culinary herbs that are available to everyone that have been shown in in vitro tests to be effective in fighting and preventing New Coronavirus disease or CoVID-19.

As a result, the book Beating cononavirus with medicinal herbs was published, which reveals the plants that produce phytochemicals with nutraceutical properties capable of inhibiting the entry and/or replication of the new Coronavirus or CoVID-19.

Although not all the medicinal herbs found were tested in vivo, the simple fact that they have had a positive in vitro result, is a good incentive for these herbs to be consumed since they constitute a hope against the New Coronavirus and could avoid the suffering of thousands of people from suffering the disease and even worse, dying.

Many of these anti-New Coronavirus herbs or CoVID-19 are very easy to get and within reach of everyone and have already saved the lives of thousands of people and many of these herbs are part of the Herbs of Chinese Medicine.

These herbs consumed in the usual or recommended amounts do not cause adverse effects or generally interfere with medical treatments.

Unfortunately, the book Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs, the Book that can save you was FORBIDDEN ALL OVER THE WORLD by Amazon, and since Amazon dominates the market of book sales in the world it cannot be marketed anywhere.

Amazon's decision clearly suppresses freedom of choice and the right of people to make their own decisions by denying them any hope.

After trying to publish this book in Amazón and also after putting it on sale with the Bitcoin payment system, there have been attempts at personal electronic attacks and attacks on the Eidos-Project website.

With the attitude of Amazon representing the big capitalist interests, one only has to think who is prejudiced by the publication of a book such as >strong>Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs...


Theory to prevent, reverse and
cure diseases

Diseases and health problems are part of nature and in nature you also find the solutions, you just have to look for them and find them.

In nature there is at least one plant that produces secondary metabolites capable of preventing, neutralizing, reversing and/ or curing one or more diseases and ailments of different types including those produced by different classes of pathogens and/ or environmental factors.

A good diet based on functional foods with general and/or specific nutraceutical properties is essential to effectively prevent and solve health problems.

M.C. Aguayo Beligat

Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food” were wise words pronounced by Hippocrates (460-370 BC) over 2000 years ago.

Also the famous SUN Si-miao (541-682 AD) laid out the basis of medicines to prevent ‘peste’ in his book “Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies”: “Pestes comes from nature, so to prevent it, we need to find medicinal herbs that also come from nature. People would not be infected if they knew and took preventive medicine[1].

[1] LUO Hui et al. 2020. Can Chinese Medicine Be Used for Prevention of Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19)? A Review of Historical Classics, Research Evidence and Current Prevention Programs. Chin J Integr Med.

The new Coronavirus attacks without discrimination, that is, equally, all the organs that possess the ACE2 receptor.

The heart, the kidneys, the gastrointestinal system, the liver, the lungs and other tissues are the main organs that possess ACE2 receptors.

Most visible damage is caused to the lungs causing complications such as pneumonia, fluid-filled lungs and inflammation leading to breathing difficulties.

The infected host who became ill will also be left with consequences in the other organs and may suffer cardiac arrest.

The coronavirus can damage your body for life!!!!

To date it is believed that the new Coronavirus spreads through contact, through microdrops of body fluids and also through the oral and faecal pathways[1,2]. It seems that more than 80% of those infected with the New Coronavirus who experience none or mild symptoms are routes of transmission; it is also important to note that the New Coronavirus preferentially targets people who have pre-existing health problems and patients over 70 years of age with health problems and the degree of fatality could be around 8-15%[2].

[1] Chan, Kam Wa et al. 2020. COVID-19: An Update on the Guidelines of Integrative Chinese–Western Medicine for the Management of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, Vol. 48, No. 3, 1–26.

[2] Caldecott, Todd et al. 2020. Herbal medicine and COVID-19. Article.

Recommendations for fighting a viral epidemic

1. Follow all instructions from the health care authorities:
• Observe the isolation/confinement/quarantine measures that are given.
• Follow the indicated prophylactic measures.
• Follow all instructions for each particular case.

2. In the lack of 100 percent effective vaccines and treatments, it is recommended that medicinal herbs with efficient nutraceutical properties be used to inhibit the virus causing the infection.

3. Maintain a well-balanced healthy diet, using mostly fresh foods, particularly those with functional and nutraceutical pro- perties.

4. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, try not to smoke and try to avoid eating pork/cow products, fried foods, foods with added sugars, avoid red meat and avoid cooking food when it is not absolutely necessary in the preparation of food.


The sale of the book "Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs" was PROHIBITED WORLDWIDE by Amazon

Amazon PROHIBITED IN ALL THE WORLD the sale of the book Vencer the Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs and of course, also the English version Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs without valid reasons blocking its edition. As Amazon controls wideworld the market of book sales and online collection companies, this book cannot be sold anywhere so we are forced to market it personally, for now, only with the payment system through Bitcoins.

Make your conclusions!!!!


Vencer el Coronavirus

Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs, the book that can save you, is the result of scientific research of papers published about the effectiveness of medicinal and culinary herbs that gave positive results mostly in in vitro tests showing that they are able to inhibit either the entry of the virus into the host cell and/or its replication once inside the host cell.

As long as a 100% effective treatment and/or vaccine against the New Coronavirus or CoVID-19 appears, this book is a hope and an alternative for those who want to try to prevent coronavirus disease with medicinal and culinary herbs that have practically no adverse effects, do not interfere with medical treatments and also improve health and quality of life.

The mere fact that there is a WORLDWIDE PROHIBITION on the commercialization of a book written with the support of scientific references that can be corroborated by the readers, is an indication of the fear that solutions will be spread that are within reach of everyone and that can easily prevent the disease by avoiding that thousands of people get sick with the danger of dying and that they are left with regrettable post-disease consequences, that thousands of people are left in misery, without work and without resources to eat.

One can only wonder, this prohibition, who benefits?...

Also think about the conditions under which the Amazon workers work...

See the book content and how to purchase it.


Simplified life cycle of coronavirus and the inhibitory action of anti-CoVID phytochemicals

The new Coronavirus is highly invasive and destructive but would apparently be quite vulnerable to the action of anti-CoVID phytochemicals.

The molecular biology of the New Coronavirus or CoVID-19 is quite complex and much remains to be studied about the life cycle of this virus and its very virulent and destructive behaviour.

However, schematic and simplified images show what happens both under normal conditions and under the action of phytochemicals that can inhibit the entry of the virus into the host cell and inhibit replication if the virus succeeds in penetrating the host cell.



Taking a 'cocktail' of medicinal and culinary herbs recommended in the book Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs is possible to effectively ensure the inhibition of replication and spread of the virus in addition to the prophylactic measures implemented by health authorities.

When the coronary virus cannot complete its life cycle, it dies. The host will not get sick, or if the host does get sick, he will have very mild symptoms and will also develop immunity to the coronavirus that tried to infect the host.

Effect of the Pandemic

Thousands of people get infected and sick.

Thousands of people die.

Thousands of people are out of work.

Thousands of jobs are lost.

In the absence of treatments and a 100% effective vaccine, the personal choice of a hope based on phytochemicals that have been proven, at least in vitro, to inhibit the New Coronavirus is denied.

Just think who benefits and will benefit from the continuity of this pandemic...

Coronavirus Transmission

Viruses can be transmitted in different ways and by different means. They can also be zoonotic diseases that can infect both animals and humans and produce different pathologies depending on whether the animals or humans are involved.

For example, Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) a virus with an RNA genome that rapidly kills 100% of chicken embryos is transmitted mainly by inhalation or ingestion of the virus when found in the faeces and respiratory secretions of infected birds for varying periods of time; this infectious virus was found to survive 7 days in summer, 14 days in spring and 30 days in winter in poultry houses and to be capable of infecting humans as well and the infection typically results in conjunctivitis and/or flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache and malaisel[3].


[3] Vienna R. Brown and Sarah N. Bevin. 2017. A review of virulent Newcastle disease viruses in the United States and the role of wild birds in viral persistence and spread. Brown and Bevins Vet Res (2 017) 48:68.