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About Eidos-Project

Eidos-Project is a website dedicated to the research in the science of human nutrition. We are involved in the study of the impact of food and plants on health and disease and in the promotion of healthy patterns for a better lifestyle.

Our website is dedicated to the diffusion of Popular Nutritional Scientific Press issues making available the nutritional science at the hand of everybody. We are committed to write on a variety of topics related with issues about nutrition that can help people to improve their health encouraging them to change their nutritional behaviors. All our news and articles are supported by scientific research.

We are focused mainly on research of nutraceutical and functional foods and the properties of the phytochemical compounds that could be able to provide health benefits, including the reduction risks, prevention and treatment of diseases in the same way that the vitamin C prevent and cure Scurvy.

As the science of nutrition became in a complex science that incorporates a wide variety of scientific disciplines, we are also writing a variety of articles about issues that can improve the quality of the diets such as food preparation and preservation, influence of the different methods of cooking, food and obesity and other related writings of interest.

We hope that Eidos-Project become your reference nutritional website and you enjoy its contents.