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Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs.

With Scientifically.Effective Proven Formulas

Beating coronavirus with medicinal herbs

"Beating the Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs" is a book written on a scientific basis that can save you...

Eidos Diet. The Future of the Mediterranean Diet.

Eidos diet. The future of the Mediterranean det.

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Author: Eidos-Project
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Category: Health, Nutrition, Diet, E-book

Eidos diet a lifestyle alternative with a healthy eating and good nutrition. This diet is based on the Mediterranean diet and scientifically based eating patterns, as well as on the principle that food must confer benefits that promote health and prevent and reverse diseases. This diet emphasizes the consumption of foods with nutraceutical properties that can benefit our health in different ways and help us to prevent a wide range of diseases.


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Healthy Nutrition Guide

Healthy Nutrition Guide

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Author: Eidos-Project
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Category: Health, Nutrition, E-book

Eidos-Project Healthy Nutrition Guide aims to help people to have a better nutrition. You will find valuable information for getting a healthy diet that benefits your health and impact your life positively. Food sources of vitamins and minerals and the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) are available. Also you will find the bases of Mediterranean diet and Eidos diet graphically described in a easy understanding way.


The Tree of Life and The Green Gold.

The crop that saves humans and animals life. It purifies water, produces functional food and fodder, and grows in arid and semiarid areas.

The Tree of Life and Teh Green Gold

nutrition functional foods nutraceutical ecology natural water purifier bioflocculant bioenergy

"The Tree of Life and The Green Gold" is an amazing plant that can not only save human and animal lives, but can also help to maintain communities in inhospitable regions and solve the problem of hunger in many parts of the world. Read more...

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