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Las conservas de Appert

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Las Conservas Caseras y los Secretos de las Appertización

El libro de todos los hogares o el arte de conservar durante varios años todas sustancias animales y vegetales.

by Marie C. Aguayo Beligat

Book in Spanish.

"Las Conservas Caseras de los Alimentos y los Secretos de la Appertización" is the translation of the fourth edition published in 1831 of the book written by Nicolas Appert entitled "The Book of All Households or the Art of Preserving for Several Years All Animal and Vegetable Substances".

In this book, Mr. Appert publishes and shares with the readers his techniques and procedures to make successful canning both at home and on a large scale.

Those who want to preserve food for personal use or to start a business for extra income, will find in these writings the necessary information to start their project to preserve all types of food. In substitution to the autoclaves used by Mr. Appert to sterilize food, pressure cookers can be used, which are easily available today in home appliance stores.

All of Mr. Appert's methods can be easily reproduced in every family's home. By applying the easy-to-implement procedures and techniques described by Mr. Appert, the father of the canning industry, you can easily preserve all types of natural and prepared foods at home using mainly glass jars as containers.

With Mr. Appert's procedures it is possible to preserve vegetables, legumes, eggs, milk, meat, fish, stews, soups, drinks and juices among other foods and meals. Mr. Appert's aim was to "preserve, almost free of charge and for several years, in their freshness and with their natural properties, all foods, vegetable and animal substances, without exception". He was also concerned with applying procedures that, in addition to maintaining the nutritional properties of foods, would preserve color, flavor and texture.

In recognition of his successful work in preserving foods as close as possible to what nature offers us, Mr. Appert was awarded twelve thousand francs by the French government for the successful preservation of vegetable and animal substances that allowed sailors to make long voyages without getting sick with scurvy and to enjoy healthy food as if they were on land.

With this book, you will now be able to very easily make successful healthy canned foods of all kinds for your own consumption or to start a business.