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Beating coronavirus with medicinal herbs

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Beating Coronavirus with Medicinal Herbs

With scientific effective proven formulas.

por Marie C. Aguayo Beligat

For those who want to try the hope of a natural alternative that could save them


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There are medicinal and culinary herbs that produce phytochemicals with nuraceutical properties that have been shown in scientific in vitro tests to be effective in inhibiting either the entry of treh New Coronavirus or CoVID-19 into the host cell and/or once inside the cell, inhibiting its replication.

When the entry of the virus and/or its replication within the cell is inhibited, the virus dies and the disease does not occur. These inhibitory mechanisms of the virus are somewhat similar to the effect of a vaccine, the difference is that a 100% effective vaccine can protect us for life or for prolonged periods, while these herbs with inhibitory properties of the virus when stopped ingesting stop protecting us. Vaccine or medicinal and culinary herbs that inhibit the virus by preventing the development of the disease do not remove the virus from the nature; so, the virus will remain in nature and there will be periodic outbreaks if a 100% effective vaccine is not produced or the herbs that inhibit the virus are stopped.

Although no in vivo tests have been performed on humans, it is enough that the nutraceuticals of these plants have tested in vitro positive to constitute a hope to avoid the disease in case of a possible contagion. In the worst case scenario, if they do not fully work, they produce no or very few side effects, at least when consumed in the normal amounts and at the recommended doses. Neither do they interfere with medical treatments and in the case of any illness they have the property of strengthening the immune system.

Given the virulence of the New Coronavirus or CoVID-19 and the damage and consequences it produces, trying natural formulas represents a hope that should not be wasted.

As it is not possible to sell this book through commercial channels, we are offering it with direct sales to people who really wish to try this alternative in the hope of not getting sick.

The references at the end of each chapter allow the reader to verify the veracity of the published information and the results obtained in scientific tests.

Our mission is to help save lives and avoid suffering and make the actions of Health Authorities more effective by sharing our findings with the world.


Table of content of the book

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

The basis for a response to disease and health problems
Theory to prevent, reverse and cure diseases

Chapter 3

The problem of viral infections
Antiviral treatment approaches
The anti-viral effectiveness of plants
The transmission and spread of viruses
Recommendations for defeating a viral epidemic

Chapter 4

The problem of coronaviruses
Coronavirus life cycle and spread
Types of Coronavirus
Coronavirus Transmission Pathways
Example of zoonotic disease caused by a virus inhibited by medicinal herbs

Chapter 5

The new CoVID-19 and its herbal treatments
CoVID-19 infection receptors
Treatments for CoVID-19
Medicinal herbs to beat Co-VID-19 within reach of everyone
The 'miraculous medicinal plant'
A useful nutritional supplement to combat CoVID-19
Anti-CoVID-19 culinary herbs
Other phytocompounds and medicinal herbs useful against CoVID-19
A Chinese anti-CoVID cooking plant19

Chapter 6

Medicinal plants with antiviral nutraceutical properties
Compilation of Chinese medicinal herb formulas to treat respiratory infections

Chapter 7

The importance of nutrition in fighting infection
Recommendations for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle
How do you know if you're the right weight?
The Eidos diet, a balanced diet
The foods in the Eidos diet pyramid
Recommendations for food preparation
Vegetable cooking technique
Meat cooking techniques
Preparation of the vegetables
Preparation of garlic
Preparation of brassica vegetables
The importance of including foods with lactobacillus
Examples of recipes and anti-CoVID-19 nutraceutical infusions

How food processing and preparation affect nutrients
Body Mass Index